Tales From The Trenches

Think Selling Real Estate Is Child's Play? These Tales Might Change Your Mind

If you think real estate is a pretty simple process that consists entirely of writing a contract and then waiting 30-40 days for your keys, here are some Tales From The Trenches that might make you think otherwise. Most real estate transactions go through without any major hitches, but every once in a while something happens that makes us look skyward to see if there’s a full moon.

So if you think all real estate transactions are the same, read on. And check back from time to time, as we’ll be posting more “Tales” as they occur (which hopefully isn’t too often!).

They Sold A Rental & Bought Their Retirement Home Tax-Free

Some years ago, we met with a nice couple who were thinking of selling a townhome that they’d been renting out for years. It was worth quite a bit more than what they paid, which meant they’d be f… Read More

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Lender Go...

In order to close escrow, any existing liens on the property have to be paid in full. The most common liens are existing mortgages. And usually the payoff process is pretty straight forward: the title… Read More

The Deed Was Recorded But The Deal Was In Serious Jeopardy

Before going into real estate, Jamie and I both worked in title and escrow and we were always amazed when we saw transactions unravel and nerves fray near the close of escrow due to things that could… Read More

The $445k Lien That They Knew Nothing About

Many years ago, a past client’s parent built a commercial property but there wasn’t room on the parcel to build a parking lot. The city’s building requirements called for on-site parking. The ac… Read More