Real Estate Market Update

The Latest News & Trends For Benicia, Vallejo & Beyond

Real estate has always been very local in nature and what happens in one market doesn’t necessarily translate to other markets. Things in the Bay Area can be very different than they are in Omaha, Cleveland or Atlanta. Yet most of the statistics you see in the national press are simply a conglomeration of every market in the U.S. Rarely do they tell you what's really happening in our local market.

Even here in the Bay Area, there are micro-markets, which is why what's happening in Benicia can be quite different than what's happening in San Ramon, Berkeley or Fairfield. And different still than the housing market in San Jose, Redwood City or San Rafael.

But if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of our local housing market, you’ve found the right place. We’ll keep you in the know on a regular basis.

Check back often for the latest trends, statistics and analysis...based strictly on what’s happening right here in our local Solano & Contra Costa market area.

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